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Angelus Bongs Sounding A Little More Nervous Today

TV VIEWERS have expressed concern for Ireland’s favourite binge worthy TV show The Angelus, after many reported that the iconic bongs sounded a little ‘off’ in recent days, ever since the details of the Mother and Baby Homes report was first leaked to the media. “Can you hear sweat? Is that possible?” confirmed RTÉ’s chief… Read more »

“She Can’t Take Much More Captain” Screams RTÉ Player Technician As Thousands Ready To Tune In For Toy Show

AS flumes of smoke and steam fissures erupted in the basement of RTÉ, sending nuts and bolts flying in all directions, the overworked engineer assigned to RTÉ player maintenance warned “she can’t nae take anymore” ahead of tomorrow night’s Late Late Toy Show extravaganza. “Two people in Longford are watching Nationwide online, any more pressure… Read more »

RTÉ Election Pundit Calls For Dr Fauci To Be Beheaded

STEVE BANNON, most recently heard offering election punditry on RTÉ’s Drivetime radio programme, has found himself at the focus of US media after he encouraged the beheading of US Coronavirus taskforce member Dr Anthony Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray. It is not yet known if US police have been in touch with the Irish… Read more »

“Where’s My Fucking Comeback?” Asks Homeless Socky Living In Blue Bucket On Dublin Streets

ONCE labelled a national hero for keeping Irish children entertained for hours after coming home from school, former children’s presenter Socky has slammed a recent announcement that The Den is to return to RTÉ, only this time seemingly without the sock monster. We tracked Socky down to a laneway off of a popular Dublin street,… Read more »

The Untold History Of The Angelus

PIPPING Coronation Street to the title of ‘Longest Running TV Show In The World’ by a full six months, The Angelus celebrates its 60th birthday this June; but just how much do you know about Ireland’s favourite bell-based piece of micro-content? “When RTÉ was launched, they knew they needed a flagship show that people were… Read more »