Persistent Young Talent Finally Makes Big Break In Showbiz


DECADES of hard graft plying his trade and honing his craft have finally paid off for one young Mayo man, who will grace our screens this Autumn in a new RTE show about everyone’s favourite subject, the history of Irish railways.

”If you ever saw one of those living statues in the black spray-painted masks on Grafton Street, chances are it was me,” put young go-getter, Enda Kenny, speaking of the art of public performance that helped him secure his first televison role.

”A lot of people told me I’d never make it in the performing arts because I was too old, pointing out to succeed in the Irish arts industry is not down to a case of what you know, but who you know – well, I’m delighted to get this opportunity to prove everyone wrong,” the fresh faced Kenny added, punching the air in front of him.

Kenny, who dabbled in politics to pass the time until his performing career took off, will host the Railway History Show which is said to be the jewel of the RTE Autumn schedule.

An RTÉ source stated earlier, “If this goes well, Mr Kenny could be primed for similar slots in RTÉ, including potential shows like: Deaf Ear To The Ground, Two Pints Man And A Packet of Crisps and How To Air Guitar Beside Denis O’Brien At A Bruce Springsteen Concert Like A Big Fucking Idiot”.

For now, the hip new Railway History Show will be a good test of the former Fine Gael man’s verbal skills, in particular the explanation as to what successive bunch of idiots ordered the eradication of 90% of the country’s railway network in the first place.