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RTÉ Book Jedward For Primetime Debate On Brexit

HOT on the heels of the overwhelmingly successful controversy drummed up by the previous edition of their flagship current affairs programme Primetime, RTÉ have confirmed Jedward will taking part in a debate on Brexit. Facing off against a panel made up of an economics professor, trade expert, immigration lawyer and former EU Commission president, Jedward… Read more »

“I’m A Real Boy,” Confirms Tubridy

AHEAD of this year’s Late Late Toy Show extravaganza host Ryan Tubridy spoke exclusively to RTÉ, because that’s who he is directly employed by and from a marketing and branding perspective it makes no sense whatsoever to give a rival broadcaster or publication the exclusive, obviously. However, WWN put its ears to the window of… Read more »

Grim Gritty Grimness: We Review RTÉ’s Latest Grim, Gritty Drama

SUNDAY night viewing on RTÉ has just changed forever with the release of Hell Streets; the latest grim, gritty series from the state broadcaster, which presents a warts-and-all look at what is really going on in the crime-infested open sewers that we call the streets of our capital city. Starring Iochra O’Laoighre-Wellington as tough Dublin detective Declan… Read more »

Fair City To Be Outsourced To India

IRELAND’S national broadcaster RTE has announced some major changes to the popular soap opera Fair City today, following news that the production was to be relocated as part of its decision to sell 8.64 acres of land for €107.5m to Cairn Homes. A total of 220 people who currently work on the program were offered a significant… Read more »