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New Airbnb Laws Immediately Solve Housing Crisis

NEW AIRBNB laws which came into effect yesterday have immediately solved the housing crisis with Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy receiving overdue praise from an undeserving and unworthy Irish public, sparking massive celebrations. With Ireland failing spectacularly when it comes to meeting the required number of new house builds necessary to meet demand, it is… Read more »

Cryostasis: How You Can Beat Rising Rents

CAN’T afford the soaring price of rent in Dublin right now? Not fond of the idea of co-living? How about co-existing in cryogenic hibernation? One US company may have found a work-around for cash-strapped city-dwellers, and it’s a pretty cool one! “We got the idea after we heard that several firms were offering to freeze their… Read more »

Opinion: Slimmer People Should Pay Less Rent

WITH ‘co-living’ set to become the answer to Ireland’s supply-starved rental market, should everyone pay the same amount for a shared living space if there are certain people, and we’re not talking about Andrew now, but certain people who are way, way bigger than the rest of us? As developers seek permission to build ‘shared space living centers’… Read more »