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“Just Call Me Daddy” Scholz Tells EU

ANGELA MERKEL’S successor as German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has urged his European peers and their citizens to just call him Daddy, WWN understands “Mutter Merkel may be gone but fear not, there is little change to how things are. And hey, don’t make it weird but just call me Daddy,” Scholz said directly addressing Europeans,… Read more »

EU To Officially Disband After Merkel Steps Down

THE EUROPEAN UNION will officially disband once Angela Merkel formally steps down as German Chancellor in 2021, WWN can exclusively reveal. “It’s like Take That after Robbie left or when Zayn left One Direction, we can’t go on, we’ll just be a shit cover band really,” French PM Emmanuel Macron shared with WWN, clearly upset… Read more »

Germany ‘Do An England’

WORLD CUP holders and 4 time winners Germany have crashed out of the World Cup following a disjointed, aimless and anemic performance, failing to beat supposedly weaker opposition in an act referred to by football experts as ‘doing an England’. For the first time in 80 years Germany have failed to make the knockout phase… Read more »