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Scaredy Cat Teachers Calling For Strike

A BUNCH of scaredy cat teachers have voted to take industrial action because they’re terrified of a little global pandemic, WWN has learned. Claiming improper safety measures and a lack of immediate testing for children and staff, the bunch of chicken shits voted in favour of leaving parents stuck at home with their own snotty… Read more »

Corrected Leaving Cert Grades Gives Coalition Government An ‘F’ In Politics

WHILE the Minister for Education, Norma Foley, announced some 7,200 Leaving Cert students have been affected by an error in the calculated grading system, it also emerged the coalition government should have been awarded an ‘F’ in politics. Despite instances of copying answers, attempting resitting of tests and countless oral and aural exams, the coalition… Read more »

Class Clowns To Be Put Through Fucking Wall If They Continue Fake Coughing Bullshit, Teachers Warn

INCORRIGIBLE and mischievous secondary school students fond of quick-witted jokes and scatalogical based humour have been issued a warning by all teachers who have enough to be dealing with what with working during a pandemic, WWN can report. All fever-based joshing and cries of ‘Miss, miss, miss is this a funeral home ‘cus there’s some… Read more »

Dept. Of Education To Take Gap Year

FOLLOWING the release of the CAO points today, the Dept. of Education is to set off on a well-earned journey of self-discovery to “ya know, just really figure out who I am” after a particularly trying and demanding year of flawlessly overseeing Irish education. “Like OMG – goodbye stress, we’ve earned it. Maybe a yoga… Read more »