Who’s To Blame: Evil Teachers & SNAs Or Our Flawless Government


A SOURCE of immense frustration, heartache and ongoing concern for parents, Irish schools are to remain closed to pupils with special educational needs.

But just who is to blame? With the help of the Department of Education and the Minister for Education WWN has copied their strategy of not consulting anyone else of relevance in an attempt to get to the bottom of all this and apportion blame:

1) The government had 10 months to work on creating and preserving an environment that would allow in-person education and educational supports remain in place for pupils with additional needs, so who is to blame for complete absence of foresight and planning? Correct, it’s those selfish educational professionals who dedicate their careers to helping these very children.

2) The Minister and her department have repeatedly said in the media that they were ‘consulting stakeholders’ when it came to a possible reopening while the same very ‘stakeholders’; parents, pupils, education professionals, immunologists and virologists said they had hadn’t heard a peep. Who’s to blame? Would it fucking kill SNAs and teachers to just slide into the Dept. of Education’s DMs now and again, why do they always have to go chasing them?

3) The Dept. of Ed maintains that there is no safer environment on the planet than Irish schools, is it teachers and SNAs’ fault that this isn’t true? No, in fairness it’s stubborn arrogant scientific fact that is to blame.

4) Unions have refused to accept government ‘assurances’ on safety. Is this the fault of the government that has botched the reopening of schools, the Leaving Cert (this and last year), and declined NPHET’s own advice in favour opening everything up back in December? No, these lazy layabout teachers are only after a pay rise or something.

5) Will throwing unions and their members under the bus and saying things like ‘they don’t recognise special education as essential’ smooth the waters and make a return to in-person learning and supports possible? Of course it will, as long as those good for nothing selfish piece of shit teachers just cop on.

6) It is helpful that the government is now devoting resources to presenting this issue as the teachers and SNAs against children with additional educational needs to shield themselves from blame and failure? Why are the teachers doing this!!!

7) Will the government learn from this and stop making announcements without consulting anyone first? We’ll find out at their press conference during which they’ll say schools will definitely reopen, no matter what, on the 1st of February.