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Goody Fucking Two Shoes Doesn’t Do Coke

A COUNTY Waterford man who refused to try even a teeny weeny line of cocaine at a friend’s house party has been branded a goody two shoes by peers who insisted he should head off for a nice long run for himself if he’s going to be like that. Brian Noonan, who was probably the teacher’s pet… Read more »

‘Irish Coke Is Shite And Full Of Novocaine’, Claims Waterford Lad

IN an exclusive tell all interview with WWN, Waterford lad Jamie Lonergan has shaken up the Irish criminal underworld with astonishing new claims. Speaking outside the Solas training centre in the Industrial estate this afternoon, Lonergan slammed local and national produce, claiming the majority of Irish cocaine is in fact Novocaine, a local anaesthetic drug of the… Read more »