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7 Stages Of Good Friday

IT’S Good Friday at last, right? One of only two days when the sale of alcohol is not allowed in Ireland. But that shouldn’t trouble you, should it? You’re not one of these lads who has a ‘drinking problem’. What are you, American? Cop on. Today is a doddle. Here’s the stages you’ll probably go… Read more »

Top 10 Rides Of The Rising

We here at WWN Banter absolutely loved the Rising, we mean like, really loved it and we couldn’t let this historically significant anniversary go by without providing a definitive ranking of those involved based solely on their fuck-a-bility, so without further a do, here’s our countdown: 10) A new entry at 10, it’s the O’Farrell’s… Read more »

WWN Guide To Doing An Honest Day’s Work

IN today’s hectic and crazy world, it’s harder than ever to do an honest day’s work. Increasingly, people consider themselves to be doing just that, only to be informed by helpful individuals that they’re stealing a living, don’t live in the real world, and have no idea about what ‘it’ is like, all backed up… Read more »

FUTUREWATCH: US President Donald Trump

DONALD Trump is set to storm the White House and sweep to an impressive presidential election victory this November. With this in mind, WWN’s political experts have outlined the exact events of his triumphant presidency, which will run from 2017-2037 Some minor changes to the constitution are made President Trump sets about transforming America and… Read more »

WWN Guide To Being Hungover At Work

CHRIST. We may have overdone it last night, having forgotten that we were still supposed to be at work this morning. In a cruel twist, we had pitched a “WWN Guide To Being Hungover At Work” article, and our editor is screaming for it. So let’s just get some tea into ourselves and try get… Read more »