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5 Things Only A Cat Person Will Understand

WHILE almost nobody on this planet likes cats for all the obvious reasons we don’t need to go into, some people buck the trend and consider themselves die-hard cat people. Why? God only knows, they’re a strange, strange breed but nevertheless WWN has compiled a list of 5 things only a cat person will understand:… Read more »

Chilling: Did Darby O’Gill Predict 9/11?

THE September 11th attacks will go down in history as the most controversial event of our lifetime, as thousands of conspiracy theories continue to circulate relating to that fateful day. Although most of these accusations can be easily debunked, there are some that defy explanation, such as the eerie warnings about the attacks that seem… Read more »

5 Things Everyone Does At An Irish Funeral

IS there anything more Irish than an Irish person dying and then having a funeral in Ireland, surrounded by people who are Irish? Probably not. We have lovingly and needlessly put together a list of 5 things that everyone does at every Irish wedding, or funerals, whatever the fuck list it is this time: 1)… Read more »

WWN Guide To Talking Like A Traveller

TRAVELLER apologists are quick to defend the lifestyle of this group of difficult people, but we here at WWN are sick to death of the softly, softly approach used by so many of the touchy feely, airy fairy public who think ‘they’re just like us’. Let’s face it, they’re not. It’s time we realise that,… Read more »

WWN Guide To Naming Your Home

By naming it of course! Choosing the right name for your house is essential when cementing your family’s presence in a new neighbourhood. A reconnaissance mission is needed before ever contemplating your house name. You need to pick something different from the rest, so cross-checking is key. This can be done two ways; either on… Read more »