3 Best Drones To Use When Dropping Drugs Into Prisons


ARE YOU looking to airdrop some drugs into Irish prisons or any other contraband? WWN has you covered as we explore the three best drones currently on the market that suit all your Jesus-is-it-really-this-easy-to-smuggle-drugs-into-Irish-prisons needs!

With 50 packages being dropped in Wheatfield Prison in just one week in March alone, there’s never been a better time to laugh in the face of inadequately run, funded and resourced Irish prisons.

But let’s not drone on, your mate’s in prison and he needs his fix:

1) DROCON U818

Okay, so it only has a max flight time of 15 minutes but it can’t be beat for affordability, and its operating range of 150 metres means you’re far enough away from the scene of the crime if your package gets intercepted.

We’re not going to speculate on what you’re looking to smuggle in; but its light frame should be able to carry 100 grams of heroin easy.

2) Yuneec Mantis Q

This is closer to the more expensive end of things at roughly €500 but just how slick and cool does it look? You’re already going to feel like a badass criminal mastermind while your dropping drugs into prison, but the Yuneec really helps you stand out from the crowd.

Speeds of 44 miles per hour and over 30 minutes of battery time. You could even do multiple trips in the one visit, making sure your mates on the inside can have multiple trips too! Win win!

3) Amazon Prime Drone

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush – if you’re droning some drugs into prison you’re a scumabg. So what’s the harm in just nicking the best drone on the market instead of spending money and letting the trail go right back to you.

Amazon are the drone delivery kings. Not sure on how to operate it? Why not hold an Amazon employee by knifepoint and force him to complete the delivery.