Mossad Spy Threatening ICC Prosecutor Into Dropping War Crimes Inquiry Further Proof Israel Is In The Right


REVELATIONS that the former director of Mossad Yossi Cohen was personally involved in a secret plot to pressure the former lead ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, to drop an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in occupied Palestinian territories is further proof Israeli is in the right, and always on the highest peak of any moral high ground.

“This is the exact behaviour of a government that is absolutely innocent of any wrong doing,” insisted Benjamin Netanyahu, “and hey, I even said ‘sorry my bad’ for killing those civilians in Rafah. Is that the behaviour of a sadist who will happily commit war crime after war crime if it ensures he stays in power? No!”

Former Mossad director Cohen is said to have persistently pressured Besouda in behaviour likened to ‘stalking’ and told the prosecutor not to do anything that would ‘compromise the security and safety of her family’ all while taping the private conversations of Besouda’s husband.

“Atually, NOT sending spies to pressure lawyers is a sign that you’re guilty as charged, how are you people not getting this? How exactly would you prove you have nothing to hide and your actions are beyond reproach? Acknowledge the authority of the ICC and cooperate? Or intimidate prosecutors by showing them covert photos of her and her husband enjoying a trip to London? The answer is clear as you’ll see from these photos we took of you grabbing coffee this morning,” offered Cohen.

Elsewhere, the IDF has launched a fresh recruitment push looking for people with poor eyesight to take over their bombing campaign on refugee camps in Rafah.