Youth Defends Self Against Unprovoked Attack By Bus Shelter


STILL CATCHING his breath as his supportive friends gather around him to ensure he is okay, one local youth has recounted his narrow escape when encountering a violently minded bus shelter.

“It just lunged at me out of nowhere, so naturally I grabbed a brick I just happened to have on me and I chucked it at the shelter,” explained 14-year-old Graham ‘Squigge’ Browne, speaking after yet another incident of bus shelter perpetrated bout of anti-social activity.

With next to no time to act and conscious that his life was at risk Browne resorted to physical force to keep himself out of the grasp of notorious aggressor; the bus shelter.

“I threw out in blind self-defence, I heard glass shattering but I didn’t dare look back, my mind was firmly on getting away and getting to safety,” explained Browne, having grown up with all the stories of bus shelters’ love of random attacks on groups of teenagers who were just minding their own business.

Every day on the streets of Ireland’s cities, youths take their own lives in their hands as they simply try to navigate from A to B and Browne and his friends want this terrifying daily ordeal to end.

“Someone has to do something, think about it if we weren’t around to throw bricks at the bus stops, maybe an old pensioner could have been hurt. We don’t want peoples’ thanks, we want action. Not a guard in sight either, which is typical”.

Browne also called out bus companies, who come out to fix the shelters but never seem to have the appetite to punish the shelters from randomly lashing out.