Awful! Dublin Portal Shows Gaza Live Feed And Now Everyone Is Bummed Out :-(


MESSERS, gowlers and blagarders alike were today left totally ‘bummed out’ and feeling a little down after the Dublin Portal showed a live feed of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, making the art installation zero craic altogether, witnesses have claimed today.

“I was doing that thing where you tuck in your man bits between your thighs to make you look like the bottom half of a naked woman then it suddenly the bloody thing started showing the whole street awful scenes from the Rafah refugee camp bombing,” recalls a dishevelled looking Paddy Holden, a local self-confessed ‘legend’.

Recently making the news for gas shenanigans between New Yorkers and Dubliners, a spokesperson for the Portal apologised for ruining everyone’s evening last night but stated they were sick and tired of the portal making the news for idiotic behaviour.

“Hopefully this puts things into perspective and puts an end to gobshites gobshitting over what is meant to be a nice idea,” the spokesperson said, “we’d love to put a portal in Gaza so that the people there will finally get the attention they need but it wouldn’t’ last five minutes with all the bombing”.