“I’m Starting To Think Ireland Isn’t A Fan Of Genocide”


THE Israeli Ambassador in Dublin Dana Erlich has stated that she’s starting to believe that Ireland, a country with a history of being ruled over and mistreated for centuries by a colonial power that caused two famines and the deaths of millions of people, isn’t a fan of genocide, WWN can confirm.

Speaking with her mouth yesterday at a screening of footage from the October attack by Hamas on southern Israel, Erlich couldn’t quite understand why the reaction to the revenge murder of 10,000 Palestinians wasn’t received to her liking.

“It’s like they’ve seen horrific atrocities carried out in the name of religion and power and are genetically predisposed to not liking it,” Erlich probably thought as calls to ‘slaughter the human animals’ fell oddly flat in front of media at the Israeli embassy in Dublin, before probably telling herself, “it’s like the Irish understand what the Palestinians have been going through under an apartheid regime and just want to see a peaceful solution instead of the unnecessary massacre of innocent men, women and children using sophisticated military hardware gifted by the US”.

Ambassador Erlich said she wanted people to view the 43-minute video footage of the horrific events at the Re’im music festival, presumably to excuse the last four weeks of war crimes, blatant disregard for humanity and undying thirst for a total annihilation of an entire country of already traumatised people who’ve shared the past 80 years of violence.

“All we want is a peaceful resolution to all of this,” ambassador Erlich most definitely didn’t conclude.