“You Can’t Even Burn Homeless Asylum Seekers Out Of Tents These Days Without Being Called A Racist”


RESPONDING to what they are calling unfair and defamatory attacks on their character, violent individuals responsible for threatening asylum seekers left homeless by the government have bemoaned the fact everything is apparently ‘racism’ these days.

“How pathetic and predictable, out they come with the ‘racist’ word. ‘Racist’ is it, to burn homeless people out of their tents? World’s gone mad I tell ya,” one local racist said of a group they gathered to confront asylum seekers sleeping in tents beside Sandwith Street in Dublin.

While no one was injured, medical professionals did declare the racists in attendance brain dead on arrival.

“Like I’m just minding my own business, gathering a group of the most batshit and hateful people you ever did meet to harass and threaten some homeless people with violence before burning the shelter and handful of possessions they own and suddenly I’m a racist?” they added.

The mob thanked Irish media for refraining from using inaccurate language such as ‘racist’ and instead correctly referring to the people involved as ‘anti-immigrant protesters’ and ‘concerned locals’.

“Honestly, this is ridiculous, would a racist person do this?” they said before proceeding to spit in direction of asylum seekers while saying the most vile things imaginable.

Speaking exclusively to WWN, a spokesperson for the government shrugged their shoulders in disinterested fashion when asked about mobs burning the tents of homeless asylum seekers who the government have failed to provide accommodation for.

Meanwhile, the Irish public, shocked by this weekend’s news has demanded the government leave no stone unturned in ensuring Ireland qualifies for the Eurovision next year.

UPDATE: It’s a miracle, burning homeless asylum seekers out of their tents has magically built homes for Irish homeless people.