Naas Ball Mad Jealous Of Giant Heineken Rugby Ball


THE awesome spectacle of a giant Heineken Champions Cup rugby ball appearing atop a building in Dublin has caused ‘ball envy’ across the nation, the most acute sufferer being the ‘Perpetual Motion’ sculpture on the Naas Road.

“You’re still in the top 5 best balls in Ireland, I wouldn’t worry about it,” friends of the Naas Ball said, trying to console the previously-impressive monument.

“Don’t fret, some balls are just bigger than others” friends added, of the giant rugby ball which has already become a shrine all rugby fans are vowing to make a sacred pilgrimage to.

While the Naas ball rolled off to console itself with the fading hope it was still Ireland’s most nonsensical visual delight, onlookers in Dublin stood shoulder to shoulder in awe of the Heineken Cup ball, daring each other to see who could Garryowen it to Meath.

“It’s massive, but I think we need a pint-sized Munster scrum half beside it to see the true scale of it,” mused one eye-witness.

“What in the Koh Samui Cup is that?” said another shocked onlooker, who also heard reports a giant set of goal posts had appeared in Kildare.

“You two lads, lift me up and I’ll grab it out of the sky,” offered one foolhardy lad who claims to have played in at least 55 Schools Senior Cup finals.

“It’s… beautiful,” said one rugby fan, as emotional as a hard-man prop during Ireland’s Call.

Elsewhere, rugby experts posited that the existence of the massive rugby ball implied the existence of a 200ft tall lock forward.