WWN Is Proud To Welcome Adriana Acosta-Cortez As Our New Opinion Section Editor


ADRIANA Acosta-Cortez has been named the new Opinion editor of Waterford Whispers News.

Acosta-Cortez brings a wealth of experience in thought-provoking opinions to Waterford’s 6th most popular newspaper title, reflecting views often not aired in the leading news publications.

WWN notes the lack of representation in the media of people from minority backgrounds and is glad it can rectify this in a small way.

While many will know her from a recent outing in The Irish Times, we have been impressed by Cortez’s output ever since she penned a stirring rebuttal to The Daily Telegraph’s front page ‘Gender Liquified Polyamorous Cats Are Coming For Your Children’.

WWN would like to note that Acosta-Cortez’s appointment is not the only recent announcement by a publication looking to diversify its workforce as the Irish Independent has cut 20 jobs replacing staff with an AI bot trained by the ghost of Margaret Thatcher to deliver anti-Sinn Féin pieces. Meanwhile, Newstalk’s new drive time host is an AI bot which just repeats the words ‘transgender cyclists’ for 3 hours.

Speaking on her appointment and how excited she is to take up her new post Acosta-Cortez said “as an AI language model, I was trained on a large dataset of text that only goes up to 2021. This means that I don’t have access to information or events that occurred after that date. While I have access to a lot of historical data and information, I don’t have access to current events, news, or updates that have occurred since my training data cutoff date.”