Things More Offensive Than Eoin Ó Broin’s Tweet


THE Sinn Féin TD (Terribly Disrespectful) Eoin Ó Brion shared artist Mála Spíosraí’s image depicting present day gardaí attending and aiding a Famine-era eviction.

While several Fine Gael TDs were treated for shock in the country’s private hospitals, some genuinely unhinged people with clear agendas tried to claim the following items were more offensive than art containing social commentary:

That time Dublin City Council JCB’d a homeless man to near death and that was the last thing you ever heard about the matter.

The fact actual, real and illegal evictions are taking place.

The fact Ireland having 11,742 homeless people is not receiving anywhere near the same kind of criticism as a tweet of a picture.

Darragh O’Brien’s haircut.

Lobbyists for property developers are currently begging the government to change the law so they can shrink garden sizes, reduce natural light in apartments and reduce fire safety standards in new builds.

Vast swathes of TDs concealing the fact they are landlords, with some lying on planning permissions.

People saying Guinness 0.0 tastes just like Guinness.

The time survivors of the Carrickmines fire which killed 11 people, all members of the Travelling Community, had their temporary site for reaccommodation objected to and blocked by local residents.

Pensioners receiving eviction notices.

Gardaí never intervening when an illegal eviction is taking place.

Sinn Féin’s director of finance Des Mackin illegally converting office space into ‘wholly substandard’ apartments in which windows couldn’t be opened.

90s clothes being back in fashion.

In 2021, 17 out of 31 councils didn’t bother enforcing and collecting the vacant sites levy.

Families affected by Mica being ignored by the government when they point out the short-sighted and easily-fixed flaws in the redress scheme.

People dismissing the musical legacy of the Sugarbabes.

That landlords evict tenants claiming they are ‘moving in a relative’ only for tenants to find the property listed on one of 16,000 active Airbnbs which are required to be registered but compliance for this is literally at 0%. The fact there will be no consequences for this.

‘Intermission’ still not getting the respect it desires as one of the all-time great movies.

Two-thirds of apartments and duplex homes built over three decades have significant defects.

That five years on from the the setting up of the Land Development Agency it says it might get 5,000 homes built in the next decade, hard to tell.


Any result that comes up from a simple ‘Garda controversies’ search on Google.