Jokes On ‘Friends’ You Wouldn’t Get Away With These Days


FOLLOWING comments Jennifer Aniston recently made in a long-form interview which were then selectively cherry picked by media outlets and copy and pasted into clickbait headlines on their websites in a bid to generate traffic, a debate surrounding the comedic content of the show ‘Friends’ has reared its head again.

Despite its huge popularity on streaming services with a new generation of fans, it’s very true that audiences have found it hard to stomach the more controversial attempts at humour. Here’s some things ‘Friends’ absolutely couldn’t get away with if it aired today:

The One With Joey’s Method Acting

Joey is in the running to play the role of a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation in a new film. After Chandler tells him about the concept of ‘method acting’, Joey takes Ross and Monica hostage and demands they answer for Israel’s war crimes.

The One With The New Friend

The gang decide they need to shake up the group dynamic by adding a new member. Sitting around Central Perk, the gang hear Phoebe suggest adding a black friend. The gang all heartily laugh before noting New York in the 90s was 100% white, and shame Phoebe for such a stupid suggestion.

The One With The Trip To Ireland

After doing a DNA test the guys discover they all have some Irish heritage and so head on a trip to Ireland. At Ross’s suggestion the group visit the Museum of Ireland. Stuck in a car for hours on windy roads on the way to the museum, they get lost several times.

Upon arriving at the museum a starving Rachel falls over and knocks Ireland’s ‘golden potato’ (the only potato during the famine not to suffer from blight) out of its protective casing.

A fast acting and equally hungry Joey eats the potato thus causing the guys to be deported from Ireland at gunpoint by the IRA who were ordered to do so by the country’s ruler Queen Elizabeth II.

The One With Rachel’s Side Hustle

The group finally confront Rachel about her permanently erect nipples. Rachel explains that Bill Gates paid her to erect tiny antennae on her chest which transmit something called ‘5 G’ around New York. The episode ends with every character sitting in Central Perk with erect nipples as Gunther’s head explodes from 5G exposure.

All The Latent Homophobia

Fair enough.