How Ireland Can Beat France Tonight


A CLASH of huge importance when it comes to deciding the fate of Stephen Kenny’s men as they attempt to kickstart Euro 2024 qualifying with a positive result, France come to town the overwhelming favourites.

However, far from pessimistic, WWN Sports believes in Ireland’s chances and have identified the following ways the boys in green can triumph against the Kylian Mbappé led side:

1) If Ireland can keep it to 5-0 down in the first 15 minutes, there’s always a chance of a late fightback after a scrappy goal.

2) Spread a rumour among the French support in the stadium that the French players are very supportive of raising the retirement age in France. The subsequent riot caused by French fans will result in the game’s abandonment and possibly handing us the three points.

3) The French are a romantic people, and surely the players will be spending the day touring the enthralling sights of Dublin. Stopping off at some point to try the local cuisine, if enough deli counter workers in the city are alerted, the French players can be wiped out with a particularly dodgy batch of chicken fillet rolls.

4) Evan Ferguson. Is the great hope being overhyped and having too much pressure heaped on him? Sure, but Kylian Mbappé’s stats pale in comparison to the Brighton striker. He may have 38 goals for France and is PSG’s all-time top goal-scorer but he has ZERO appearances for Bohs as a 14-year-old.

5) Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple man-mark Mbappé thus nullifying France’s attacking threat, with just Griezmann, Coman, Muani, Giroud or Thuram to worry about, Ireland should be free to roam forward without fear of being punished.

6) The key could lie in the word ‘beat’ and how do you define victory or ‘a result’. If the Irish player simply beat the French players with crow bars the rest takes care of itself.