European Leaders Wish Protestors Could Be More Like The Irish


IRELAND’S preferred method of protest remains the envy of European leaders, according to a survey carried out as actually-disruptive disruption continues in France and Germany.

Germany’s public transport system is currently ground to a halt following dual strikes from bus and train operators, while in France officials have admitted that they’re not entirely sure why riots are continuing across the country this week, as it’s so hard to keep track of what their people are mad at from day to day.

“If only they were more like the Irish, those protests in Dublin are so well organised and rarely go on longer than the agreed finish time,” sighed German and French politicians today.

“They pick a start time, walk through the streets in an orderly fashion, then they finish up with a speech and on they go about their business. No cars on fire, no tear gas deployed, they just make their vague point and then head online to fight with each other about how many people actually attended versus how many people were reported to have been there. Nothing gets done, and a week later most people have forgotten about the whole thing. Not our lot though, Christ at the first hint of a policy change or a tax hike there’s a bin on fire going through a window”.

The Europeans also commended how the ‘ah it’s grand’ section of Irish people scrutinise and vilify those who actually do go out and protest, adding that our government must be delighted with never actually being held accountable for anything.