Things To Do Now The Evenings Are Brighter


LET THERE be light! With the stretch back in the evenings you may be wondering how to fill the hours.

Here’s WWN’s definitive guide for making the most of it, which so much to choose from it’s hard to know where to start:

1) Close the curtains.

2) Beat yourself up each and every evening over the fact you didn’t do anything with the light.

3) Better visibility on your early morning walk of shames.

4) Introduce more jeopardy to your illegal dumping now there’s a risk you’ll be seen.

5) Get caught in a mindnumbing conversation with your neighbour about how great the drying is.

6) Squint your eyes as the bright outdoor light catches the TV screen.

7) Start your evening of pinting an hour earlier.

8) Ignore the dog more.

9) Sea swimming; that is grow increasingly resentful of the people out there sea swimming. Picture them in your mind, absolute try hards, then remind yourself you’ve got the right idea sitting on the couch. Eejits voluntarily throwing themselves into the freezing-as-fuck sea, impressing nobody!