Israelis Draw Line At Government Oppressing Own Citizens


“I CAN’T help but express my shock that a government, leaning ever-further to the right, that presides over a dehumanising apartheid could be so dismissive of our basic rights” voiced one incensed Israeli, just one of thousands taking part in protests against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to overhaul the judiciary.

“Giving the ruling party in Israel the power to overrule Supreme Court decisions, that’s just not okay. We can’t accept the idea that the law can simply be ignored unless it pertains to the treatment of Palestinians,” added protesters, as they contemplated an unthinkable scenario where they would be subjected to the whims of a paranoid regime.

Sacking his defence minister who called for a halt to the judicial overhaul, Netanyahu is also trying to push through a law which would make it harder for an Israeli leader to be declared unfit for office, all while his trial for corruption remains ongoing.

“We had tried warning you that your country was run by a giant shit head who was preceded by a number of other large-headed-shits but here we are,” said much of the international community in response to the huge show of civil discord by Israelis.

US President Joe Biden was quick to criticise Netanyahu.

“An undemocratic system where the ruling party hand picks Supreme Court judges to push through their ideological aims, wow, I think we had copyright on that here in the US,” Biden said, before reiterating there was literally nothing the Israeli government could do that would risk losing US military funding so ‘carry on’.