Dad Still Sending Farmville Requests


DESPITE it being over a decade since it was a thing, local Farmville diehard Mark Jenkins is still sending family members and friends Farmville requests like it was 2010, WWN reports.

“He poked me the other day, I didn’t even know Facebook still had that feature,” daughter Jessica opened up, “apparently he asked me to send him a bag of fertilizer for his farm and I never seen the notification – little does he know I blocked hid him ages ago”.

Jenkins admits he hasn’t quite moved on from the glory days of Facebook but is very proud of how his farm turned out.

“If I had this farm back in 2010 everyone would be asking me for gifts,” said the 58-year-old, taking a break from Farmville to play some Zynga poker instead.

“You know Zuckerberg was on to something back then, when Facebook was all about community and friendship and socialising, but alas now it’s all arguments and division, whether you’re on the right wing or on the left – it’s all gone to shite, so excuse me if I want to hold onto something special that involves community spirit,” he concluded, before verbally fucking a fellow Zenga poker player out of it for getting a full house on the flop.