Dad Always Mentioning Cost Of Gift So You Know How Much He Loves You


“THAT’S one of the good ones now,” local dad Tommy Kerns quickly pointed out to daughter Maria as she unwrapped her brand-new air fryer.

Despite the €49.99 Tesco price tag still attached to the box, Mr Kerns explained that 50 euros is a good price for such a kitchen appliance, stating that there are far cheaper ones out there, but nothing is too good for his little girl.

“You’ll never use a cooker again, swear to God,” Kerns went on, before spending several minutes listing off the vast array of food items one can cook, “you’ll save yourself a fortune on energy bills too – that 50-euro fryer will owe me… I mean you nothing after a few weeks, watch”.

Smiling politely at his latest gift, the 27-year-old thanked her father, wondering to herself where the 17-litre capacity monstrosity was going to fit in her already cramped apartment.

“If I move the €90 microwave and €60 blender dad bought me for Christmas, I’m sure there’ll be room,” she thought, remembering the value of each appliance thanks to his consistent habit, “he only lets me know the cost because he wants me to know how much he loves me,” she reasoned.

“Right, we better go to the petrol station before I drop you back,” Kerns told his daughter, before resorting to his usual pre-lift-home jibe, “you’ll have me bloody broke at this rate ha-ha”.