“Each To Their Own” Says Woman Who Also Always Takes Issue With Anyone A Little Different


LOCAL WOMAN Caroline Balton prides herself on her hands-off non-judgemental acceptance of everyone and the world around them with the one caveat that she reserves the right to make them the subject of the most excoriating and toxic gossip and judgement anyone can muster.

“You know what I say each to their own, Margaret, it’s not our business, but at the same time what sort of vile slutty behaviour is that?” confirmed Balton of a neighbour, recently widowed, spotted talking to a man.

Be it a piercing, tattoo, new haircut, certain way of walking, career change, parenting technique and thousands of other things, Balton retains a high self-esteem in the false knowledge that she never judges anyone for such things.

“Walk a mile in their shoes, that’s what I say Alice,” Balton told her young daughter, after Alice confided in her about a classmate who is often disruptive in class and highly emotional.

“You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but do you know what it could be Alice, they’re probably just broken in the head, where do they live… Oh well, that explains it, feral… and the car the mother drives… I wonder how many times she had to spread her legs to afford that” informed Balton.

Balton has privately stated that the world would be a significantly improved place if no one was allowed make a decision about their lives without her pre-approval.