Desperate Family Looking To Rent Can’t Wait For Local Evictions


REQUESTING April fool’s day off from work, father-of-four Martin Davidson earmarked the end of the eviction ban in the hopes it will generate some new listings on property websites, WWN reports.

“Myself and the wife will spend the day refreshing the local rental property section and ringing landlords who have just evicted their tenants,” the living-with-parents parent explained, “there has been nothing available for ages but the bitter-sweet thing about this ban lifting is there might be some stock coming to market”.

The Davidsons optimistic approach to the news that the government is to lift the eviction ban comes as a record 11,000 people are homeless, 166,000 properties lie vacant and the presence of ever-growing Airbnb catalogue teases half a million people forced to live at home with their parents.

“Waiting for other people to be evicted so we can move in isn’t ideal, but currently it’s the only chance we’ll get of ever living in our own home, albeit a rented one,” says Martin’s wife Donna, who will never be able to afford a house with the way investors and property developers benefit from a lucrative system overseen by landlord TDs, “for now, someone else’s bad luck will be hopefully our gain – a tone indicative of this government over the past two decades”.

Meanwhile, dozens of people have been reported injured in a mass stampede of landlords re-entering the property market.