Ranked: Infuriating Cinema Behaviour


IT should be a nice evening out, a way to switch off and be entertained but sadly other people exist.

The scourge that is bad cinema etiquette is an infuriating ordeal many movie goers are subjected to. WWN has compiled a list of the worst offences, have a read below and see how many you’ve had to sit through:

Kicking seats. And no you don’t get away with it if you claim you are a ‘chair punishment engineer’ employed by the cinema to check the kicking capacity of cinema chairs.

Phone use. If the sun ever burns out we can heat the universe with whatever brightness setting Sandra in row H there has her iPhone on. Fuck me.

Letting kids run amok. At a kid friendly Sunday morning screening, okay. But, at the 9.30pm showing of Saw XVI? And you armed them with masks and machetes? Ruins the whole experience.

Popcorn loud chewing. There are jet engines which sound like a Chernobyl library by comparison.

Using a tripod to record the movie is one thing but putting Indian subtitles directly on the screen there and then – not cool.

Loudly asking anyone if they know how to do ‘tax stuff on revenue.ie’ and then moving seats to make that person manually file your tax return is really beyond the pale.

Whole cinema of assholes in here watching Avatar 2 when you bought a ticket for Wakanda Forever. Way to arrogantly take over and wait a minute, you’re in the wrong screen. That especially embarrassing considering you plucked up the courage to confront everyone at the 30 minute mark. Well, no backing down now.

Pretending to like movies you actually hate just because they got good reviews. The worst of the lot.