Good News, It’s Friday. Bad News, Ireland Needs 62,000 New Builds Each Year, Not The Current 33,000 Target


TGIF, are we right? It’s nearly wine o’clock and the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. Positive attitude, blessed with gratitude.

In the ‘negatives’ column however is the news that as the Government’s Housing for All policy fails on a variety of targets, a report has revealed 62,000 new units need to be built each year to keep up with demand, far eclipsing the 33,000 target the Department of Housing has been using and abusing.

“Tell me more about it being Friday instead please,” shared one couple, hoping to be ‘first time buyers’ at some point in there lives.

The research by the Housing Commission, which remains unpublished because who needs accurate and up-to-date figures out in the public domain, makes for depressing reading for a country which is fully aware of the incapability of the coalition government.

“Aw no,” said one toddler, who didn’t really want to emigrate to Australia when they’re 27 but looks like it’s happening.

“Well I guess that rules out moving home,” said one bricklayer who left Ireland a decade ago.

The research, based on a number of projections, was shared with Minister Darragh O’Brien in November of last year, around the same time it was revealed €462mn of the housing budget for the year was unspent.

“Thanks for ruining my Friday,” said one renter, who will now be haunted by thoughts of developers telling the government, off the back of the report’s finding, all they need to complete the build of a single bungalow is billions in euros of handouts.

Reacting to the news the report has leaked a spokesperson for the Minister for Housing confirmed the government in on track to revise all targets for 2023 dozens of time before eventually failing to meet any of them.