Woman Relieved To Learn ‘The Last Of Us’ TV Series Not About Being The Only Remaining Single Friend Left On Shelf


LOCAL SINGLE woman Niamh Sheridan has breathed a sigh of relief after learning ‘The Last of Us’ isn’t an on-the-nose title for a show about the last single woman of a friend group to settle down.

“When I saw the title I went into panic mode thinking all my aunts would be WhatsApping me telling me to apply for a new dating show for cat ladies called ‘The Last of Us’,” admitted Sheridan.

“Things I couldn’t cope with – friends telling me ‘that’s so you’ about a TV show, like I’m some curiosity deserving of an exhibition in a human zoo. Things I can cope with – a brutal post-apocalypse show that’ll break your heart it’s so gut-wrenching. And hey, Ron Swanson is in it!”

Still single at age 27, Sheridan is considered a ‘geriatric singleton’ by reality TV shows about women which makes the fact that the show is actually a violence-packed adaptation of one of the best video games ever much more relaxing a proposition.

“Honestly, judging by the trailer The Last of Us is scary but nothing is scarier than your Mam trying to set you up with the neighbour’s son back home who has all the social skills of a traffic cone” added Sheridan, delighted she can look forward to streaming the show on NOW.