Student Nurses To Be Offered Module On How To Emigrate To Australia


IN A POSITIVE step forward in the State’s treatment of healthcare workers, undergraduate nursing courses are now to come with an option to study a module which educates student nurses on how to book flights to Australia and get a job in a health service that pays well and values them.

Nursing degree courses in Ireland had stuck with the practice of investing hugely in training up nurses but then leaving them to independently realise there’s no quality of life in Ireland by themselves, evident after several gut-wrenching years in the HSE.

“From this year it’s all change, the new module introduces students to Skyscanner, relevant visas, Irish heavy areas such as St Kilda in Melbourne and with this training our nurses will receive the best education on how to get the fuck out of here,” confirmed one lecturer.

“Sure infection prevention and control, biological sciences, sociology, psychology, law and ethics and pharmacology are important things to learn but degree content must evolve with the times and the most essential thing we can teach nurses is that you can head to Australia as soon as you qualify,” said one course leader.

First year nursing students have welcomed the news.

“Honestly, without this module the only way I would have learned that you don’t have to stay in Ireland and develop PTSD was from the 4,567 separate WhatsApp and Instagram messages from nurses I know in Australia telling me I’d be a fool to stay at home,” confirmed one nurse, who is set to secure a first class honours degree in emigration.