Scandalous Footage Emerges Of Leo Varadkar In Government


FOOTAGE which has sent the gossip hungry and the prejudiced wild in equal measure has been making the rounds on WhatsApp this morning as it has been revealed Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has been filmed in the Dáil speaking on issues during his time in government.

“I couldn’t believe it. The footage was damning, there he was talking about how rent is a person’s income, how his party would solve health, housing and homelessness. There was YEARS of footage of him claiming this and well, has he?” said one astonished voter.

“He even claimed welfare cheats were the biggest problem in the country, no video giving out about white collar crime or developers getting their €170mn debt written off. Wow, he’ll be in so much trouble when the electorate sees this”.

Presented with the chance to watch the footage, people were so caught up in the moment they couldn’t help but judge.

“I can’t believe they caught this on camera there’s speeches here where he apologised for leaking confidential documents, then in 2019 he claimed everything would be done to help CervicalCheck survivors but the 221+ group still say there’s continued shortcomings and actions that have not been addressed. Could you imagine someone thinking there is footage in some way more damaging than this? Ridiculous.”

Elsewhere, some criticised the feeding frenzy.

“Why are people making judgements about a politician based on their track record in office, the much more decent and rational thing is to make baseless attacks founded on nothing, and hey if they’re part of a minority of any sort I’d absolutely make that the basis of all my baseless assertions. But that’s just me,” said another person.

“I think people trying to question the ethics and morality behind this are being ridiculous, this is a man being filmed in the Dáil chamber as part of his job. It’s not like someone is covertly filming him in a gay club, the very definition of a private space for a marginalised community away from prying eyes.”