Local Man Finally Achieves ‘Some Boy’ Status


HAVING spent several years as a pup before moving on to a decade as a confirmed latchiko, Waterford man Eamon Brennan has finally been promoted by his community to the honourable title of ‘some boy altogether’.

However, the prestigious ‘some boy’ title isn’t handed out lightly. Brennan, 34, had to work hard over the years to stop his neighbours and fellow townsfolk from seeing his oafish and socially disruptive behaviour as a character flaw, and instead embrace it as a charm unto itself.

The title grants Brennan a pass on things like public intoxication, catcalling and drunk driving, which can now be laughed off with a shrug and a ‘that Eamon is some boy!’ statement.

“It’s a relief that nobody tells me to settle down and get a hold of myself anymore, instead everything just gets downplayed because nobody expects any better from me!” said a jubilant Brennan, celebrating his promotion by talking in public at the upper volume levels of the human voice.

“And that was the hardest part of my journey. You spend years with people expecting things from you; a basic level of manners, some adherence to the unspoken rules of society, few if any public farts, etc. Once they accept that you’re never going to change, their attitude completely flips. You stop being ‘that bollox Brennan’. You become, sorry, I’m emotional now, you become some boy!”.

Brennan’s only regret about the matter is that he doesn’t have a living relative that still talks to him to share his good news with.