“That Mass Shooting In America Is Awful” Says Woman Who Is Going To Have To Be More Specific


SUCH is the horrifying frequency of mass shootings in America, local man Andrea O’Reardon is going to have to be more specific when conveying her utter devastation at yet more needless loss of life to her work colleagues.

“Is it the hate crime shooting were trans and gay people were gunned down in a gay club? The one were hateful right-wing talking heads on social media and on Fox News are practically celebrating, that one? Or the Walmart one?” asked one of O’Reardon’s colleagues, who was wincing and bracing themselves for news of a different, even more recent shooting.

With over 700 mass shootings in the US in 2022, there has been an increase in confusion and cross-wires when people seek to share their sincere anger and desolation over another shooting which seems to have little effect on Republican politicians’ willingness to introduce safer gun laws.

“Oh my God, I just saw that on the news, so, so awful. I honestly can’t comprehend how mundane yet tragic they feel to some people over there. Wait Andrea, are you talking about the ones in Philadelphia and Maryland yesterday or the Walmart in Virginia the day before or the ones in Florida or Oklahoma on the same day? There was a racially motivated one and another homophobic one, was it them?” inquired another co-worker who wandered into the reception area.

Now unsure if she had the correct and specific details on which incident made her stomach sink as if weighed down by a dozen anchors O’Reardon opened up Google on her phone to clarify what bullet strewn crime scene, which had robbed people of their loved ones and made yet more orphans, widows and widowers, brought her to the verge of tears.

“You know what, just gimme a minute, it’s saying here there’s been 5,000 mass shooting over there in less than a decade… it’s going to take me a little time to find the one I’m talking about,” sighed O’Reardon.