Doctors Fear For Delusional Man Who Claims Metaverse Is The Future


A NUMBER of medical professionals continue to express their concern for a man they believe has lost all touch with reality, WWN can confirm.

Mark Zuckerberg, a seemingly functional human being, has of late insisted that something called ‘the metaverse’ is ‘the future’ prompting people close to the California resident to seek out help.

“I sat Mark down and said maybe spending billions of dollars on whatever this fuck pile of aborted pixels is was not a good idea but he just stared at me with a vacant look and said ‘the metaverse has legs now’. Poor guy, I’m not sure he knows what day it is,” confirmed one friend, who remains concerned for Zuckerberg but concerned enough to risk his job and actually outright say the metaverse ‘suck balls’.

Becoming somewhat of a curiosity, the 38-year-old man is drawing crowds online like some exhibit in a Victorian-era freak show, with many unable to resist watching someone so afflicted with serious delusions so publicly debase themselves.

“Typically in patients displaying such symptoms and disassociating from reality like this we recommend immediate intervention,” explained Dr Paul Palaurd, “but in Mark’s case I say let him have his little fantasy even if if the graphics look like they were generated on a Casio calculator”.

“Yes Mark, everyone will be joining you in the metaverse, everyone will be your friend there,” Dr Palaurd told Zuckerberg as the Meta CEO put on a helmet and insisted he was gazing into the future.