Developer Finds €100k Brown Envelope In Jacket He Hasn’t Worn In Ages


IT’S just one stroke of luck after another for a Waterford property developer this week who found a big wad of cash in an old jacket just after hearing the news that he would be also getting a windfall of money from An Bord Pleanála as part of a €1mn fine levied against them.

Sean Harris, owner of the Harris Group,  had a smile on his face after hearing that he will receive €9,875 in compensation from ABP because of a backlog in processing developments, which he will now just ‘blow on drink and drugs’ after finding 100k in crisp 500-euro notes in a padded envelope while trying on a jacket he hasn’t worn since he went to the Galway Races in 2019.

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t remember who I was supposed to give this to, or who gave it to me, if I found it, stole it, got it as a bribe, any of it,” said a delighted Harris, who intends to needle ABP for more money now that they’re on the ropes over the ‘fast track’ applications scandal.

“It’s not like I need to bribe anyone anymore because the things we used to bribe for are all pretty much legal these days, in fact as you’ve seen this week, we can now sue for damages if planning isn’t processed fast enough!”

Meanwhile, the hits keep on coming for the owner of Harris Group after an American fund agreed to buy up an entire housing development outside Waterford off the plans without so much as a brick laid, prompting the nation to state that it’s heart-warming when nice things happen to nice people.