Who Are The Most Hated Protestors; Teachers, Nurses Or Students?


THIRD-level students around the country staged a walk-out of lectures this morning in protest the rising cost of living and its effect on young people in Ireland, before staging a walk-in to the pub, we’re betting. Workshy, the lot of them. But the stunt raises an interesting question around protests and strikes in Ireland, specifically, which group of striking people does the nation feel the least sympathy for, and why?


As witnessed today, almost 100% of the nation disagrees with student protests mainly due to the stereotype that all students want to do is drink and screw and do drugs and get bad tattoos. This stereotype comes from older people’s recollections of their own life at college, or in the case of people who never made it to third level, bitterness. Either way, anytime a Doc Marten’d boot hits the streets in protest, the nation suddenly gets very OK with the use of pepper spray.


Teachers are the next group of disgruntled employees that frequently threaten unpopular workplace protests, which are almost always greeted with anger by the public. This is down to the fact that teachers have nothing to give out about. They work three, maybe four hours a day and they get 9 months holidays a year*. To the average worker in Ireland working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week with maybe (maybe!) Christmas Day off, it’s an outrage that teachers would even consider striking. Whenever we see them on the news complaining, it makes us so relieved that we never had kids if this is who would be teaching them.

*figures provided by Department Of Education


It’s not that people don’t like nurses, or wish them well, it’s just that they strike so damn often; every other week, they’re giving out about something. So, while we’d love to see you all get a million euro raise, it’s time to accept that it’s just never going to happen. This is your lot, and all the protesting in the world isn’t going to suddenly magic a billion euro into the health budget. To be honest, most people are annoyed that someone would get into nursing expecting fair wages and working conditions in the first place. When has that ever been the case for healthcare workers? Why were you expecting it to be any different? Poor planning if you ask us. Now for the love of God hush up and get off the street, you’re making us all late.