“Being The Good Looking Friend Is Harder Than You Think”


BREAKING a long held silence, the good looking people of Ireland are smashing through one of the oldest conversational taboos; talking about how hard it is being so good looking.

Hear their brave testimony below:

“It’s exhausting being placed in the centre of all group photos,” Ciara 23, a 10.

“I’m not a piece of meat I’m more than the abs I strategically place at the centre of all my topless selfies,” Ger 27, a straight up ride.

“I feel used. Like my ugly as shit friends don’t even ask for permission when they include a photo of me beside them in their main dating apps pic in an effort to catfish lads,” Orla 31, stone cold fox.

“I honestly should get paid for the cast offs I send my mates way. They genuinely think the 7 they scored last night would have been interested in them without my chiseled jawline drawing her and her friends in like a really good looking lighthouse,” Simon 26, deservedly absolutely fucking full of it.

“It’s the jealousy I can’t take. Yes, I’ve no personality but don’t resent me for it Sarah, I don’t need one just look at me,” Paulina 24, DMs look like rush hour at Grand Central Station.

“It takes its toll. It really hurts when I spend all this time with a guy only to find out he’s genuinely just interested in a friendship,” Sam 32, how did she get in here she wouldn’t even hit top 10 in Longford’s Rose of Tralee competition.