“My Mam Likes To Shout ‘Give It Socks’ When I’m Riding”: The Upsides To Living At Home With Your Parents


MUCH LIKE Hygge, F45 classes and gin cocktails, living at home with your parents well into your 30s and 40s is another cool trend that has people brimming with excitement and ready to embrace.

As part of our Everything This Is Fine, This Is Normal property segment co-sponsored by the Dept of Housing and REIT, WWN talks to the young people absolutely choosing 100% of their own volition to live at home, in no way influenced by the obscene situation Irish society finds itself in.

“Mam always knows just the right amount of encouraging phrases to shout at the right time,” explained stay-at-home son of two, Graham. “‘Horse it into her son’ she’ll say, and then I’m off out of the traps. Ex-housemates I used to live with would just leave you in peace, which was a nightmare”.

“I got my Dad into bingewatching TV shows, we hoovered up Nationwide, Sunday Worship and we’ve just finished every single documentary ever made about WWII,” Siobhan, saving for a mortgage since the fall of Rome, tells WWN.

“Mum and Dad love seeing me go on dates. In fact they’re the ones who demanded I download Bumble again. I’ll never forget Dad’s encouraging words ‘fuck off out with ya and find someone who’ll take you off our hands you’re 40 for fuck sake’,” shared stay at homer Rachel.

“Dad is always in like a shot if I shout in ‘any spare lube’,” Grace, inheritor of house whenever the parents kick it.

“Some people say there’s downsides to being priced out of forging a modest future for yourself in your country, but at the same time you have to think of the upsides – I’ve walked in on my Mam on the shitter at least a dozen times,” offered Declan, who simply decided not to move out despite the ample supply of affordable housing.

“A clear upside is saving on rent, but c’mon this is priceless family bonding time and I for one want to thank the Department of Housing because without their lack of help it wouldn’t be possible,” Sarah shared with WWN, in a sentiment not in anyway shared by her husband Darren.

“Living in my home, eh, no thanks, sounds like a NIGHTMARE,” die-hard parents-as-roomies fan Noel told WWN.

“I don’t actually live with my parents myself, but the entrance-way outside of the Tesco I call home is a class suntrap. Can’t beat alfresco living and the fresh air,” one statistic explained to WWN.