How Actors Don’t Get Boners During Sex Scenes


HAVE you ever watched an erotic scene in a movie or on TV and wonder how the actors don’t get, shall we say, visibly aroused? If you’re sitting at home on your sofa and even you’re getting a boner, then how is the actor of Game Of Thrones managing to keep his sword down?! WWN spoke to some actors and asked that very question, and here were their answers:

“I’m a star in a big fantasy epic on TV, so we’re naked and riding almost every episode. I like to think that all the dragons in the show are real, and if I get a hard one of them will bite it off. That usually helps me make it through the scene” – Cal Huntingly, star of Sword Swingers.

“Any time I’m doing a sex scene, I try to remember we live on a planet that has given us many warnings that we’ve ignored, so it’s only a matter of time before it rears back and bites us in the ass with a series of climate catastrophes that spell an end to life as we know it. Fairly easy to not get hard in those circumstances” – Pierce Doolan, star of Bang, Bang.

“I’m a woman so I just remember that I’m being exploited at this very moment, and that kinda makes sure none of it is erotic in the slightest” – Emma Constance-Gardner, star of Night Shift.

“OK I’ll admit it, I’m a terrible actor. I wouldn’t be able to not get a boner in these situations, no way. That’s why I had my penis surgically removed. I’m like a Ken doll” – Art Masterly, occasional day player.

“Drugs” – dozens of others

Meanwhile, 85% of people who read this article got boners while doing so.