Local Racists Suddenly Come Out As LGBT Supporters


A NUMBER of racists have found themselves sudden temporary converts to the cause of inclusivity and equality for LGBT people with no sickening ulterior motive at play, WWN understands.

Doctors have warned that Catholic Church apologists and purveyors of ‘it’s not right’ homophobia are at risk of suffering serious injury to their already dilapidated brains given the daring mental gymnastics required to act like they’ve always believed in equality and aren’t just exploiting communities mourning senseless tragedies.

“Oh, no thanks,” all local racists said when asked if this would spur them on to support rather than denigrate annual Pride events, “we’re just here to vomit out all our vile hate under the guise of ‘caring’ but we’ll be back to hating, discriminating and vilifying those we’re pretending to care about”.

“We imported homophobia,” said one brand new LGBT ‘defender’, whose daily homophobic dog whistles were louder than a church organ with Dolby surround sound during a debate over removing religious influence over sex education in schools.

“Ha, no, good one though,” added racists when asked if they cared to donate to Sligo Pride HERE or support LGBT youth services HERE.