Man Doesn’t Like To Be In Kitchen When Kettle Is Boiling


LOCAL man Niall McAdams has spoken exclusively for the very first time to Waterford Whispers News about his crippling unease at being in the same room as a kettle as it carries out the process of boiling water.

“People presume ‘oh it’s the noise, yeah kettles do be loud’ but honestly it’s not even that. I don’t know myself why – it just unsettles me,” McAdams said, a study in discomfort as he relayed why he is one of many people who have attempted to hide their kettle phobia from friends and family.

Experts have speculated that the slow rise in boiling lends itself to being a soundtrack to increasingly intense and intrusive thoughts, meaning many people seek to vacate the area immediately lest they begin contemplating whether or not they’re wasting their lives.

“Mad, isn’t it? It’s just a fucking kettle like,” shared leading psychologist Dr. Tina Proudhall.

“I’ll always make sure I’ve something else to do, like I’ll only flick the kettle on if I’m also then going to the toilet or taking out the bins,” McAdams shared further, in his kitchen.

“I’d offer you a cup of tea but then I’d have to go walk into the sitting room pretending to look for my phone or keys or something and I’m not arsed,” a candid McAdams shared.

Interestingly, kettle-boil-avoiders do not suffer the same distress around boiling water on a hob, prompting experts to say research into trying to understand the phenomenon is in its infancy.

“It’s like a dog who’s terrified of a hoover, but before offering any help to these weirdos we have to study them at length first, possibly locking them in a room with dozens of boiling kettles for our own amusement” concluded Dr. Proudhall.