Yemen Pleads With World To Donate Even A Single Fuck


DUBBED by the UN to be ‘the worst humanitarian crisis in the world’, the current situation in Yemen has prompted its desperate population to appeal to the world to give a fuck, just one fuck, if that’s possible.

“By the end of the year, almost 19 million of us will face starvation. We’ve had nearly a decade of war and famine. Can some of you please give a fuck about us?” said one Yemeni woman we spoke to, currently feeding her family one meagre meal a day as the Russian invasion of Ukraine puts extra pressure on supply chains and fuel prices.

“What will kill us first, the starvation or the Saudi-backed army? The lack of hospitals or medical supplies, or the lack of a future due to a near-complete halt to all education? Who knows. We need help, supplies, food, money. Please give what you can. But if you can’t give any of that, at least give a shit. Put a flag somewhere, post about it on your computer. Show you give even one lonesome, solitary fuck about us”.

Despite the pleas, many around the world have stated that they’re sorry, but they gave all their fucks to Ukraine and they’re fresh out at the minute.

“I can’t be expected to care about two things at once,” stated one non-fuck giver we spoke to.

Meanwhile, those of who give a fuck can donate HERE.