20% Reduction In Bus Éireann Fares Would Have Been Handy For Routes They Cancelled


A NUMBER of commuters have welcomed a government measure aimed at tackling cost of living expenses which will see bus fares reduced by 20% even in the cases of routes that were cancelled.

“It’s nice to see these steps being taken,” said one Donegal man, who has been waiting for the 30/X route bus to Dublin since December, such is the frequency of cancellations.

Regular travellers on a number of routes Bus Éireann no longer running have celebrated the reduction fares which doesn’t apply to the private bus companies that have replaced Bus Éireann only with higher prices and a reduced timetable

“So 20% off the fare would be, let me see… carry the one, that’s a handy reduction of the bus route they’ve fecking cancelled altogether,” added Galway resident of a newly privatised route which doesn’t serve his area.

“No chance they could siphon of some of that €600mn for the new ring road so we actually have buses that travel on it?” added the resident, who only have themselves to blame for using a car like a normal person.

Elsewhere, news that Dublin Bus commuters cannot avail of the 20% reduction yet as the fare machines have to be ‘manually recalibrated’ has seen an increase in people armed with golf clubs offering to recalibrate the machines for free.

Meanwhile proposals to reduce the number of passengers blaring music from their phones while on the bus to zero has received backing from 110% of the public.