Parent Just Making School Lunches For Show At This Stage


A COUNTY Waterford mother has admitted to just making school lunches for show, despite knowing it will end up straight in the bin, WWN has learned.

“I stopped asking my daughter why she didn’t eat her lunch two years ago,” Janice Rielly confirmed, emptying the contents of yet another uneaten lunch, “I’m caught between a rock and a hard place as if I stop giving her lunch, it looks like I’m neglecting her, so it’s just best to waste buckets of food and money every year instead”.

Citing things like ‘I wasn’t hungry, but I ate the bar’, 9-year-old Alison Rielly defended her blatant wastage, calling on mams across the world to learn how to make nicer lunches, like chicken nuggets and chips, and if they could include open sachets of ketchup with them too.

“And a can of Coca Cola,” the daughter of two added, making an icky face at the now spent ham sandwiches wrapped in tinfoil her mother was now cursing over, “I don’t like the chunks of butter in them,” she then defended her reasoning with an almost valid point.

“Oh, but you ate the Kit Kat bar handy enough,” her mother retorted, knowing deep down that if she didn’t include the chocolate treat her child would literally starve to death in school and face criminal neglect charges and the possibility of social services taking her away.

“Now, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but I’d miss having to rush together a packed lunch at 10 to 9 in the morning while trying to get ready for work,” Rielly concluded, before deciding to just repackage today’s lunch for tomorrow, “it’s not like she’s going to eat the bloody thing anyway, the ungrateful little… “.