Here’s All The Sick Details From The Maxwell Trial You Demented Perverts


SOME are happy to wait it out until a verdict in Ghislaine Maxwell trial is delivered, protecting themselves and their innocent nature from the disturbing details of abuse, coercion and pain. Content to shield themselves from a lurid world only wishing to read a headline about justice being served weeks from now, it’s a sensible outlook.

Not you though you demented pervert, you want it all and you want up to minute updates lest you miss out on details of wealthy sickos getting their highly immoral, illegal and monstrous kicks.

Okay sicko, here’s what we know so far:

You’re not going to get to the see Maxwell’s little black book of contacts. Boo hoo for you, no sordid tales of which famous person is a full blown sex pest paedo. No, if that’s what you’re looking for you’ll have to hit up Netflix and their ‘honestly fairly depraved and exploitative documentaries’ section.

Evidence submitted as part of the trial shows a picture of Maxwell and Epstein at the Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral. Yes, yet further proof to cement your own belief that the Royal Family are part of an international trafficking ring.

Ooh look, this next sentence has the words ‘enabler’, ‘luring’, ‘vulnerable’ and ‘exploitation’; The court has heard of how Maxwell was an enabler, whose luring of vulnerable teenage girls into exploitation by Epstein helped fuel decades of abuse. Admit it, you’re enjoying this. It’s like Seven, Gone Girl and Room had a baby.

Prosecutors allege Maxwell believes herself to be the resurrected spirit of Cleopatra. This bit isn’t true, but you wish it was, don’t you?

Epstein’s pilot confirmed Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew all flew aboard the ‘Lolita Express’. Let your mind run wild the horrors such information brings forth.

Other people are content with just a brief whisper of the trial’s progress at the tail end of a radio news bulletin. Not you though, you want to roll around in the dirty mud of the details.

The six charges Maxwell faces: one each of enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in illegal sex acts, sex trafficking of a minor, and three counts of conspiracy related to the other counts.

Four victims testified calling Epstein and Maxwell ‘partners in crime’ who carried out countless instances of forcing young girls and women into sadomasochistic scenarios.

Okay, you’ve had enough for now. There’s plenty of Maxwell trial forums where you can get your fix in the meantime.