“Hospitals. Trolleys. Disaster” Reads News For 4,380th Day In A Row


IN THESE uncertain times people tend to cling to the familiar no matter how sad or harrowing it may be as a way to provide comfort, and today’s out-of-the-blue news that the Irish health service is an overwhelmed mess with patients strewn on trolleys is that comfort.

“I dunno, I sort of find it all very reassuring. The predictable ‘indignity for trolley patients’ stuff is more reliable than a Swiss watchmakers time piece. It feels warm, like home. And with everything going on in the world, I’m glad to see one thing stay depressingly familiar,” shared one person.

For what is estimated to be the 4,380th consecutive day, news outlets have independently confirmed that the health service is just one sneeze away from spontaneously combusting as 534 patients remain without a bed.

“Sure, this Covid business can frighten you from time to time but it’s nice to know some things stay the same – like my dear old dad having to lie unattended to in an A&E corridor for 72 hours because no one seems to be able to figure out if not having enough staff or the correct resources might be connected to trolley crises,” shared another.

Such is banal regularity of such reports media outlets have long ago abandoned detail orientated reports on trolley crises, instead simply reprinting an article from 2009 every day which includes a line from the government at the time saying the problem can’t be solved overnight.

Elsewhere, a study among voters suggested the decades long dire state of the health service is not a problem worth addressing until it affects you directly.