Nation Settles In To Watch Some Adorable Children Beg For Essential Medical Care


IT’S that time of year again where the nation’s hearts are warmed by the appearance of adorable children on RTÉ’s flagship The Late Late Toy Show cute-a-ganza.

“Oh can’t wait, they’re too cute” remarked viewer Triona Kenny, who honestly can’t take how adorable the kids on the show are when they talk about how they’ve been on a waiting list for what should be a routine surgery for 5 years.

“They’d melt your heart wouldn’t they,” remarked usually cold-hearted viewer, Mark Tymon, of one kid or other on the show who is asked by host extraordinaire Ryan Tubridy how much the specialised medical device that authorities refuse to fork out for actually costs.

No greater ratings winner, the mix of interviewing a child full of warmth, wit and resilience sat next to their parent who provides the subtext to why they’ve been waiting for a procedure easily available in countries many label ‘third world’ continues to prove immensely popular in Ireland.

“Honestly the highlight of the year for me, fuzzy heart feels the whole night, just the lift we need” added Toy Show diehard Rachel Carmelly, who thinks it’s a disgrace the political parties she consistently votes for have the health service in such disarray.

“Jesus, turn off this shit, it’s like Black Mirror and The Hunger Games had a baby. They have to beg? Like this? And you guys treat it like some sort of festive Superbowl?” shared one new to Ireland viewer, five minutes into her first Toy Show.

Elsewhere, cynics were told there was no need to ruin the show by making a big song and dance about how the Irish state’s attitude to disability and childrens healthcare is in the dark ages and just enjoy the heartbreaking stories about needless suffering and enjoy them for what they are; adorable.