Retail Worker Makes Overly Dramatic Show Of Not Looking At You Entering Your Pin


UTILISING all the muscles in her neck and shoulders, retail worker Leanne Fisher cast her head skywards and took two steps backward to demonstrate in the most dramatic fashion to a customer that she wasn’t slyly trying to learn his pin number prior to mugging him for his card at some point in the future.

The art of services industry personnel dramatically making a big show of how you’re not secretly part of some big defrauding cabal was thought to be a dying skill with the onset of contactless payments, but Fisher is still flying the flag.

“I appreciate the gesture, it does make me feel safe as a customer, but the back flip over the counter and blind folding herself was a tad much,” confirmed one customer.

“Look away by all means, I know what stress-heads arsehole customers can be if they accuse you of looking at their pin, but such actions do come at a cost,” shared a former retail worker who was diagnosed with giraffe neck from years of doing the same, “my head is permanently looking away to the side because of it, and had to settle for a civil service job ignoring complaints”.

Confronted about why she felt he needed to commit Meryl Streep levels of over acting when it came to customer payment, Fisher was candid: “I actually have a horrific phobia of fingers. Hideous wrinkly looking sausages, ugh, makes me want to puke. You’re all manky-mangled-handed stabby-stabby index fingered fuckers”.